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Neither Yahoo! Groups nor the list owners of Amber and Jet can effectively prohibit members from keeping copies of list messages they receive in their personal mail accounts for later offline use.  What we do request as list owners is that those personal archives are kept *only* for personal, private use, and not shared or distributed individually or as a whole to *anyone not currently subscribed* to the Amber and Jet list.  The messages/files on this list are intended by the individual writers *for this list*, not for other venues.  Please respect this intent by not attempting to circumvent the writer's/poster's desires and intentions through forwarding, cross-posting, distributing saved messages/files *in part or in their entirety* without the express written permission of the original writer/poster.

List members found to be forwarding/distributing other member's messages/files *including portions of quoted material within your own messages* without having received permission from the original writer/poster will receive disciplinary action up to and including dismissal from the Amber and Jet list.

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