Amber and Jet - Purpose and Philosophy

The participants in Amber and Jet address Witchcraft and Magick from a British Traditional Wicca perspective, without discussing specifically Oathbound material.  We hope that Amber and Jet will explore traditional thoughts and ideas, resources to share, seeker/teacher contacts, and the building of friendships.  All who are sincerely interested in the essence and workings of British Traditional Wicca and its discussion are welcome to join. Amber and Jet is a place to build a sense of community; we would like this list to be an open, intelligent, and topical forum for initiates, elders, and sincere seekers of modern British Traditional Wicca. We also hope to foster inter-traditional dialogue within the BTW community -- while Gardnerian and Alexandrian traditions are often the first traditions to come to mind to seekers, this list also extends to those interested in American/Mohsian, Central Valley Wicca, Georgian, Protean, 1734 and more (the definition of "British Traditional Wicca" can vary widely depending on who is asked, and A&J does not attempt to provide an complete inclusive/restrictive list of BTW groups).  We hope to learn from and appreciate our diversity, and find common ground in the many facets of Traditional Wicca that extend beyond Initiate-only information and practice.

For the purposes of the Amber and Jet list, the term "Wicca" refers specifically to the lineaged, initiatory mystery religion with roots in the New Forest region of Great Britain, manifested today through various "traditions" all linked with a common ancestry back to the New Forest area.  "Wiccans" or "The Wica" are the properly lineaged, properly initiated members of those Traditions.

For an extended description please check the A&J Intro file found in the Files section of the Yahoo! group page.


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