Amber and Jet Posting Guidelines

Once you've been reading Amber and Jet posts for awhile, you'll realize something -- the moderators like to keep a low profile, and have a liberal view of moderation.  The A&J list as a whole is usually self-moderating, with experienced members offering good advice and constructive criticism to newer members looking for the proper tone for list postings.  The list has certainly had its share of "hot topics" and "flame fests", but they tend to end themselves more quickly and with less hassle than is often seen on other Pagan lists.  However, in the five years Amber and Jet has been running, some recurring events have led us to write up a short set of guidelines for posting to the list.

1.  Keep postings to subjects pertinent to British Traditional Wicca and Traditional Witchcraft.  Please keep the following entirely off A&J:

2.  Make your posts useful by employing the following: 3.  Amber and Jet is a semi-public forum, intended for the discussion of ideas and concepts relating to British Traditional Witchcraft.  It is not a forum for personal issues to be discussed, especially personal issues that are not your own.  It is neither a forum for Pagan-political attacks, nor a place for inter- or intra- community battles to be waged.  Amber and Jet is a discussion list, not a playground for one's own personal agendas.

4.  Experience has shown there are some topics that prove to be so problematic we consider them always entirely off-topic.  It's a short list so far -- hopefully we won't have to add to it very often.

5.  Regarding "Oathbound" material:

6.  The Amber and Jet list will be intermittently moderated, with the intent of keeping the list focused to topics of specific interest and pertinence to British Traditional Wicca.  All new subscribers to the Amber and Jet list are automatically placed in moderated status. The majority of list members remain in moderation indefinitely -- less than five percent of the list subscribers are unmoderated.  Moderated members will find a brief lag in the appearance of their posts to the list, from one to six hours on average.  If a message has not been approved after 24 hours, members can write to the list moderators privately to discuss it.  Messages deleted by moderators may or may not be accompanied by an explanatory message.  Messages that were deleted for reasons clearly found in this list of guidelines will often have no explanation without personal inquiry.

7.  For the purposes of the Amber and Jet list, the term "Wicca" refers specifically to the lineaged, initiatory mystery religion with roots in the New Forest region of Great Britain, manifested today through various "traditions" all linked with a common ancestry back to the New Forest area.  "Wiccans" or "The Wica" are the properly lineaged, properly initiated members of those Traditions.

8.  Concerns about topics being discussed on Amber and Jet, questions about the topicality of potential discussions, or other inquiries on what is and is not appropriate to the Amber and Jet list can always be directed to our private e-mail account, either at (just Eddie and Teresa) or (the entire moderation staff).

This is the initial guidelines list -- the things we thought of off the top of our heads.  The list will be updated and improved as time goes by, and with additional suggestions and comments from subscribers.  We will send a notice to the list following any major changes.

Final thought, from an Amber and Jet member:

"We in the Craft know that we have the ultimate responsibility for our actions, to ourselves but also to others in the Craft and for the nurturing of the Craft... harm none. So we should endeavor to make whatever form of gather a haven from a hostile world to us and for those seekers that are looking for a safe harbor in their journey."

Thank you for your cooperation and support in making Amber and Jet a focused, interesting, and satisfying list for all.

Eddie and Teresa

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January 1, 2002
last revision November 23, 2010

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